How To Eliminate Carpet Dents

Carpet dents are common among many homes and spaces where carpets are used. Often, we place heavy objects and furniture on carpets, and they cause dents after a long while. In less severe cases, you can fix it easily. However, when it appears to be a hassle, you may need a professional.

While there are several carpet fabrics, some of them are less-sensitive to traffic and heavy load; others wear down easily. Here’s a quick step to fix dents on carpets.

  • Remove the furniture – The first thing is to move away the furniture causing the dent as you can’t fix it when the heavy load is still in place. Once done, ascertain the fabric type as the ice-cube method is apt for synthetic fibres.
  • Protect the underneath floor – In a bid to fix dents, don’t damage the floor underneath; this is why you need to protect the floor with an absorbent material, say rag.
  • Proper treatment – Fill out the dented area with ice cubes and allow to melt. The compressed fibres in the affected region absorb moisture and rise again. Allow it to for some hours and blot the area with a clean towel, until dry. Afterwards, fluff the fibres and let the dented area regain its plumpness.

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