Finding Cat Urine Stains Just Got Easier With Black Light

Everyone who has a pet is too familiar with their litters and unpleasant urination at times. But then, there is more to cleaning off urine you see with your eyes. Finding cat urine stains that have stayed so long and cleaning them is what every pet owner should look out for, and this is possible with a black light.

Black light, also known as UV (ultraviolet) light has a higher frequency than the common violet light. It finds application in various industries, but what many still don’t know is that black light can help them find urine stains.

To find cat urine using a black light, dim the light somewhat, close the windows and take your time to shine the light a few meters away from your floor. You may want to check on horizontal and vertical surfaces including your shelves, sinks, bathtubs, bed sheets, clothes, and even furniture tops. However, you need to understand that using black light can be quite a hassle for new users as everything appears to be glowing. It takes an expert to differentiate and spot urine stains on your floor, upholstery and other surfaces – this is where Carpet Cleaning Plus comes in handy. We don’t just spot these stains but clean them expertly, so you have no urine stain left in your space.

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