What Are Those Black Lines Under Doorways?

Often, homeowners and others seeking carpet cleaning service in Manchester ask the same question “what are those black lines?” Get this; light-coloured carpets are often at the receiving ends of these dark lines. These tan lines are caused by filtration soiling and are often an eyesore.

These dark lines are caused by air moving through the carpet as it attempts to move through the crack in between the bottom of a closed door and the carpet. Microscopic soiling deposits as air move through the carpet edge, and that is why it’s termed ‘filtration soiling.’ When this is allowed to happen over a long time, a buildup is formed, hence the black lines under doorways.

The big questions become, ‘how do I get rid of these significant black stains?’ Removing filtration soiling is not quite easy as the soil particles are very fine and lap very well in the carpet pile. In some cases, these fine particles buildup into the backing of carpets. However, it takes an expert with special products and cleaning approach to eliminate these dark lines under doorways. We’re a reliable carpet cleaning company in Manchester, and we take pride in our ability to clean filtration soiling to yield reasonable results.

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