We cover residential and commercial cleaning in Greater Manchester

About Carpet Cleaning Plus

Carpet Cleaning Plus is a team of dedicated cleaning experts committed to changing clients’ common experience of cleaning and sanitation. We’re a brand with a strong passion for not just cleaning but absolute customer satisfaction.

Based in Manchester and established in 2005, we realize that cleanliness in the commercial sector isn’t just beneficial to employees but to employers and the overall business growth. We understand how expert cleaning can help any home, car or space look their best while providing the healthiest condition for users. We flaunt a team with a spark that ignites the true beauty of our clients’ home, commercial space, and car, through unmatched cleaning service.

Carpet Cleaning Plus works and ranks above your regular cleaners. The reason is not farfetched! We don’t just work to earn. Instead, we hone our focus on providing you with optimum satisfaction because, just like our space, we want yours to sparkle and stay safe for your health. We have a public liability insurance program, and all our clients’ property is guaranteed safe during our cleaning process.

Our team of experienced cleaners works in line with our brand’s philosophy of customer satisfaction, and that’s why you’ll never see an unsatisfied customer on our portfolio.

With the mastery of a wide range of cleaning services under our sleeves, we cater to the various cleaning needs of our clients. Ranging from weekly to monthly, and to annual, as well as all that falls in between, we tailor our services to meet the particular cleaning needs of each client.

We have a unique approach and a personal approach to jobs. So, we work to provide exceptional services by building customer relationships, and not just clean. If you ever need 5-star and customizable cleaning services for your commercial, residential or even car cleaning, we’re a team always to count on!

For more information, inquiries or request for other range of cleaning services, do well to use the contact form or call us on 07856 696 555.

Our Mission

Carpet Cleaning Plus is dedicated to delivering only cleaning services that meet and often exceed our clients’ expectation. We realize that the exceptional cleaning services we offer our clients can be done best when our team understands our philosophy. So, our management ensures that all our members go through rigorous training and certification, and we monitor their commitment to exceptional cleaning services.

We’re on a mission to make all our clients see, feel, and experience what it truly means to clean any space or property. We don’t want to be that standard company that delivers cleaning service just as you would do for yourself. Instead, we want your space and property to prove that more-than-just-cleaners did the job.

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