Our Cleaning Equipment

Carpet Cleaning Plus – Our Professional Cleaning  Equipment

When it comes to domestic or commercial cleaning in Manchester. If any cleaner must deliver expertly, then equipment must be a major part of the business investment. Carpet Cleaning Plus is a brand you can trust for state-of-the-art equipment that is ideal for your cleaning projects.

Airflex Storm

Airflex Storm is one of the equipment we use. It is a hot water extraction cleaning machine that flaunts a high-pressure pump (800psi) which delivers water heated to about 90°C/194°F to carpet backings for deep cleaning.

It has a twin parallel vacuum motors that lift the dirty water from the carpet that makes your carpet ready to use in just a few hours.

Industrial Hoover

At Carpet Cleaning Plus, we use industrial grade Sebo BS360 vacuum cleaner. This combined with our mastery, will eliminate virtually all the debris in your carpet and helps with lifting the pile for deep cleaning.

We deliver premium service with BS360 which is known for efficiency and optimum performance. Our commercial cleaning in Manchester prioritize this equipment, and it can reach as far as under furniture with its L-shaped head.

Why we use BS 360

  • Efficient service delivery
  • Durable
  • High-class cleaning
  • Versatile cleaning

Agitation Machine

Our commercial cleaning in Manchester becomes ideal when we use Sebo Duo agitator.
This equipment exhibits contra-rotating brushes that ensure dirt-dissolving solution is evenly distributed.

With Sebo, we deliver a complete carpet care solution.

The DUO system has twin contra-rotating brushes that open up the carpet pile and work the carpet cleaning solution into the pile and around every fibre.

By brushing the Duo-p powder into the stain, the cleaning agents break down the soiling which is absorbed into the micro-sponges and prevents further heavy-soiling.

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