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Carpet Cleaning Plus Services

There’s more to having a quality carpet, the type of cleaning, equipment and cleaning agents you use on it go a long way to determine how long it will last and how it feels on your foot. While some carpet users opt to deep clean their carpets, others go for a commercial cleaning service provider in Manchester.

Whenever you think of deep cleaning your carpet and upholstery, Carpet Cleaning Plus is a brand to call!

We offer a wide range of services, and you’re sure to get the best service delivery with any of our services. Our commercial cleaning in Manchester covers a variety of services which includes odor removal, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, insecticide treatment, private companies, and many more.

Upholstery Cleaning
If you have kids, pets or entertain family and friends often, upholstery cleaning would be a part of your cleaning chores.
Mattress Cleaning
Our mattress cleaning process involves a high-frequency vibrating system that loosens dirt and dust attached to your mattress.
Leather Sofas Cleaning
Car Upholstery Cleaning
We have experience cleaning all types of vehicle upholstery, including carpets, leather, head rests.
Iron Burn Marks Removal
Did you ever drop an iron which left an unsightly mark on the carpet?
We developed a technique that completely removes or at least improves the burn spot.
Insecticide Treatment
We’re a specialist when it comes to insect treatment and our powerful solutions will make your upholstery, carpet, furniture void of insects.
Odor Removal
We’re your trusted partner to help you remove odor from your space. We pride ourselves in removing odors from smoke, urine, vomit, pets, mold damage, biological and sewage.
Stain Removal
We use a specialized tool that delivers spotting, cleaning or deodorizing solution through the carpet fibres right to the backing of the carpet and underlay.

Custom Commercial Cleaning In Manchester

Carpet Cleaning Plus is not your standard cleaning service provider. Over the years of delivering topnotch services to clients in Manchester, we’ve cracked the concept behind bespoke service delivery. As such, when you call on us for your carpet or upholstery cleaning in Manchester or other cleaning services, we hone our focus on understanding your core needs first and then map out how to tackle your needs. That’s why we never deliver the same service and process to different clients. You’re unique with your special cleaning needs, so we’re bent on helping you with your particular needs.

Our cleaning agents and equipment are formulated to give carpets and upholstery a long-lasting effect. Our agents are well-trained and know how to handle any project, despite how complex it seems. Our expert commercial cleaning in Manchester caters to the need of many industries and personal clients, and these include retirement homes, offices, schools, private companies, restaurants, medical practitioners, and many more.

We look forward to helping you clean your commercial or residential upholstery and carpet in Manchester.

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